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Reproductive Services & Donor Mares

     NESH specializes in embryo transfers. We provide extensive reproductive services to produce that prize foal you desire from your special mare.  Dr. Noble has outstanding training and is up to date in the latest in reproductive services.  


     We work with a variety of mares including those who are bred to carry their foal and those who will have the embryo flushed.  Our breeding and foaling program is designed with countless situations in mind.  

     We are well prepared to evaluate and monitor each mare, including problematic and/or sub-fertile mares requiring our veterinarians' close attention.


     The number one priority is the health and well-being of your mare and foal, from conception to birth and beyond.

Artificial Insemination

  • Cooled and frozen semen

  • Shipped semen management

Breeding Management 

  • Embryo transfer

  • Fertility evaluation

  • Sub-fertile mare management

    • Regular ultrasounds and palpations

    • Uterine culture and biopsy

    • Uterine infusions and lavages

  • Stalls

  • Turnout

  • Nutrition maintenance

  • High quality individualized care

  • Farrier services

  • Vaccinations schedule

  • De-worming

Mare Care

Foal-Out Services

  • Mare monitoring at all times

  • Veterinarian always available, with 24 hour foaling attendants onsite

  • Foal alert system: monitoring alarm to detect onset of foaling

  • Newborn foal and postpartum mare examination

  • Foaling-Immediate care, intensive care if they do not nurse right away 

    • Enema and medicate naval upon birth

    • Plasma within 24-48 hours after birth

    • Foal chip implant

    • IgG within 24 hours of birth

    • Imprinting at birth

  • Halter training

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