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Our Recipient Program

     NESH maintains a herd of more than 500 recipient mares that are managed with an exceptional level of attention to maintain their fertility and health. 


     Our mares' nutritional program consists of the highest quality feed and alfalfa available. All mares are extensively monitored and up to date on vaccinations.  Mares are brought into the facility, quarantined, tested and monitored until deemed healthy to join the recipient program.   


     Each mare is led into the stocks to ensure ease in handling and care, providing you with a reliable recipient to carry your prized foal. A donor mare is paired to a recipient mare to meet her individualized needs.  We pride ourselves in the extensive effort we put forth in caring for our recipient mare herd.  

  • Daily management

  • Superior nutritional maintenance, including high quality alfalfa

  • All mares are hand led to stocks

  • Up-to-date on vaccinations

  • Chosen individually based upon donor mare needs

Recipient Herd

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